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Write Blog Articles For A Living

Make money online nowDo you like writing for your website or blog? If that’s the case, did you realise that you may monetize those articles? You certainly can. In fact, you might be astonished at how many possibilities are available to you.

So, how can you use the articles you’ve written? To be honest, you are free to do whatever you want with them. What is the reason behind this? You are the legal owner of the articles because you wrote them yourself. If you decide to outsource, make certain you have exclusive rights. Despite the fact that you have complete control over how you use your content, keep reading for some useful hints. Most bloggers write blog articles for a living.

Have Your Own Website

If you own a website and it has been published, you should add these articles to it. If you ordered or authored articles that are comparable to the primary subjects of your website, this is a good idea. Keyword articles are preferable, however any form of article would suffice. They are discovered through search engines. This means that your website might show up on Google’s main page for relevant internet searches.

You may also use articles you’ve written on a blog. The benefit of this strategy is that blog posts aren’t necessarily required to be lengthy.

Some readers, in fact, prefer blog postings that are between 200 and 300 words long. Many people prefer to read blogs that are brief and to the point. This implies that a lengthy piece can be split into two independent blog posts.

Submit To Article Directories

Article directories can also be used to submit articles. Unfortunately, many people overlook this alternative because they do not consider it as a viable source of income. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. You may include a link to your website or blog when you submit an article to a directory. Other internet users can republish your material on their own websites as long as your links remain intact. This is a simple approach to get the word out and generate traffic to your website or blog.

Guest Posting Option

Other internet users can republish your material on their own websites as long as your links remain intact. This is a simple approach to get the word out and generate traffic to your website or blog. Remember that the more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make.

Money making ideas
Articles can also be posted to websites that share income. These are places where you may get paid to have your content shown online. You may be paid a percentage of sales produced by ad clicks or affiliate transactions, or you may be paid a flat fee per page visit. This isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s a viable option. Remember, you wrote the article and have complete control over it.

Reselling Your Articles

Finally, you may resell your articles if you want to. You may set up your own website where you may sell the content. If you have the time to spend to creating keyword articles on a variety of themes or if you can engage an outsourced writer to assist you, this is a terrific choice. You may also sell your articles on the internet through web marketplaces. This method is simple and handy, but keep an eye out for hefty costs, which might eat into your income.

So, which method is the most effective for you? It is debatable.

Submit Articles To Internet Directories

Do you already have an online presence with a website or blog? If that’s the case, post your content on your website. Readers appreciate new content, and it encourages them to return.
Submitting your content to internet directories is a great strategy to drive traffic to your website or blog. While you are not compensated to use them, the traffic they produce might help you earn money. It depends on whether you’re selling a product or giving advice as to how you generate money.


Websites that share revenue are OK, but only if the articles are written by you. Many people in your position would turn to outsourcing for help. If that’s the case, double-check all articles that were outsourced. In fact, regardless of your intended application, you should do so. Make certain the goods are actually one-of-a-kind. Some revenue-sharing platforms may prohibit you if you exhibit copied content, even if you had no idea it had been obtained illegally. That, in fact, brings up an essential topic.

If you have the option of creating your own articles or outsourcing them, creating them yourself is the better option. Although outsourced articles are convenient, your name and reputation are at risk. Ensure that all articles are written to a high standard and are unique.

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