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Twitter MarketingEven the most savvy social marketers are finding Twitter marketing to be a difficult channel to navigate. Twitter has evolved from a platform for people to express their every opinion to a strong marketing tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real time. It’s simple to see why businesses continue to utilise Twitter after all these years, with over 321 million monthly active users.

However, periodically Tweeting about the latest trendy issue is no longer sufficient.
Finding marketing success on Twitter, like any other social media network, needs strategic preparation and intentionality in order to stand out and keep your audience engaged. Let’s speak about the best ways to utilise Twitter to promote your brand, engage with your followers, and achieve your overall social media objectives.

What Is The Best Way To Use Twitter For Marketing?

At first sight, it may appear that the only way to use Twitter is to simply log on and begin tweeting. While you should be prepared with plenty of material, there are particular tactics that successful businesses employ to stand out on the platform and make the most of it.
Let’s take a look at some Twitter marketing strategies that every company may employ to get the most out of the social media network. If one of these strategies appeals to you, follow the links to learn more about it.

Examine Your Twitter Profile

You might asked, “how do I promote myself on Twitter?”. If you already have a Twitter account, the first thing you should do is do a Twitter assessment. Examine your Twitter analytics to see what’s working and what’s not on your Twitter profile. Twitter analytics software can assist you by allowing you to:

  • Examine the performance of hashtags.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of individual Tweets.
  • Study your Twitter audience as a whole.

Finding out which Tweets are the most popular can help you figure out what kind of information your followers like to see. You can utilise this data to develop a plan that increases the reach and engagement of your Tweets while also providing your audience with the information they need.

Manually reviewing your Twitter stats is one technique to check your profile. Log onto your Twitter account, go to your Twitter Analytics dashboard, pick the “Tweets” tab, and export your data for a chosen date period.

Discover Your Twitter Persona

Followers on Twitter are seeking for businesses that tweet in a genuine and consistent manner. It’s tempting to follow the current Twitter trends in order to appeal to the people, but don’t do so at the price of your brand voice. While Twitter is less formal and formal than LinkedIn or Facebook, it should still be honest and consistent with your overall brand language.

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It’s important to have an appealing brand voice, but don’t follow trends only to be current. When a brand is being inauthentic non order to gain attention, Twitter users are highly perceptive.

Leverage Twitter Hashtags And Trends To Your Advantage

Tweets containing hashtags receive nearly twice as much attention as those without. This is an interesting fact, but it doesn’t imply you should use every hashtag you see in your Tweets. Hashtags are a terrific method to get your brand in front of new people who might be interested in what you’re saying. Some firms develop hashtags for a specific campaign and use them to classify particular Tweets or to encourage their followers to post Tweets that include that hashtag.

Make Use Of Twitter Advertisements

Using Twitter sponsored advertisements is a terrific approach to contact your target audience more directly than waiting for organic reach. Promoted Tweets might help you reach a wider audience more rapidly. This is a way you can use Twitter for your Marketing And Campaigns?

They also permit those who don’t follow your brand or hashtags to find your profile. When you utilise a sponsored Tweet, your Tweets appear in the timelines of individuals who share your audience’s interests.

For as long as you want the sponsored Tweet to be up, you pay a monthly cost. Promoted Tweets can be interacted with in the same manner that organic material is.
The main difference is that sponsored Tweets are clearly labelled as such, letting users know it’s a paid promotion.

When Should You Tweet?

Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Friday at 9 a.m. are the greatest times to publish for maximum engagement. Tuesday and Wednesday are the ideal days to publish. Saturday is the worst day to post because there is very little participation on the site.

It’s best to plan the majority of your posts from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday to ensure continuous interaction.

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The Viral-Post tool in Sprout analyses your audience’s behaviour and even recommends the best times to publish updates based on when your followers are most engaged.

Although Tweets stay on your profile indefinitely unless removed, Twitter moves at such a quick pace that anything you Tweeted 30 minutes ago may be lost to your followers. One Tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes, according to Wiselytics. In less than three hours after being sent, tweets only reach around 75% of their potential engagement. As a result, the key to achieving success on Twitter is to publish consistently and at the proper moment.

Knowing when to Tweet makes it much easier to maintain a regular stream of Tweets. On Twitter, it’s critical to be as consistent as possible. Tweeting at least once a day is recommended by best practises. To keep in front of their customers, some businesses tweet up to 15 times a day.

Depending on the industry, best practises may differ. As a result, the frequency with which you may generate and distribute fresh material on Twitter is determined by your resources and social media plan.

To ensure that your articles get out regularly and at the best times, utilise a tool like Sprout to visualise when to post your content.
Image of Publishing Calendar Week View with Sprout Social Product Optimal Send Times should be composed.

Asking questions to your followers is another approach to engage them. You may accomplish this by directly launching a Twitter survey or just asking a question and then Retweeting people’s replies.

Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter is all about establishing a two-way dialogue with your followers. It’s critical to produce material that inspires your followers to interact with your Tweets. You should also make an effort to engage with folks who are Tweeting about your business on an individual basis.

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If someone mentions your business or answers to a Tweet, make sure someone is in charge of promptly replying to their message. Many firms utilise Twitter to answer customer service inquiries. Having a dedicated community manager to deal with these requests will assist to avoid answers falling through the cracks.

Set Realistic Twitter Goals

Your Twitter marketing campaign should include quantifiable objectives to keep you on track. Set goals and objectives for Twitter instead of just sending out Tweets and hope for the best. These objectives should assist your company in achieving its overall marketing objectives. Twitter objectives might include the following:

  • Increasing brand exposure by cultivating an engaged fanbase.
  • Directing traffic to an offer or an email list to generate leads.
  • Posting links to blog articles to increase traffic to your website.

On Twitter, you may build brand loyalty by offering outstanding customer service.
Creating additional relationships via networking with industry thought leaders and influencers.

Set aside time every month to measure your Twitter objectives after you’ve chosen them. Then you can evaluate what is working and what needs to be tweaked in your plan. To monitor your activity and follow your goal’s success, you may utilise a social media management software like Sprout.

Incorporate Twitter Into Your Overall Content Strategy On Social Media

Having a good social media marketing strategy helps you to picture what you want from each of your social media profiles and helps you to get the most out of each network’s presence. Large firms, in particular, may discover that each social network is managed by a distinct staff.

Your whole social media content plan should be in sync with your Twitter social media plan. Using a social media management software, such as Sprout Social, that allows you to cooperate across teams and develop standards that everyone who manages social media can follow is a terrific idea.

Twitter Profile

Every organisation’s Twitter marketing campaign is going to be different. Following best practises will help you create a noteworthy Twitter presence that supports your organisation’s objectives.

You might want to do further research to learn more about Twitter Marketing and how you can leverage the Platform to promote your products and services.
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