Welcome To The Open Kloset Internet Marketing Suite


Thinking of downloading a marketing tool? Here are the most common questions...

Do all the software tools run on PC/Mac?

Yes. All of these softwares and information products will run on PC/Mac. In fact, most of the tools are "browser-based" and so can be accessed on any device with a browser (not just PC and Mac, but even Mobile Phone/iPad/tablet/Linux/etc). .

How does the money back guarantee work?

It's simple. If you aren't happy with your purchase, just email the vendor your receipt for a full refund. All the products we recommend, carry either 30 or 60 days moneyback guarantee so you can just say "I'm not happy, give me a refund" and you will be refunded in full for your purchase.

Will there be support after purchasing these tools?

You bet there will be. We ensure that we recommend products which the vendors provide full support. They will dedicate the time and expertise to assist you in whatever issues you might have with any of the products you purchased. Send a ticket or contact the vendor via their contact information, on their contact page.